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P.E. and Sports

At Clare CP School, our aim is to provide all our pupils with a wide range of safe, fun, inclusive, creative, challenging and competitive sporting opportunities to ensure maximum participation and achievement.
We aim to develop fitness, agility, balance and coordination alongside sport specific skills for Dance, Gym, Athletics, Games, OAA and Swimming.
We aim to raise the profile of PE and sport, and promote awareness of the components which lead to a healthy, active lifestyle. 
We aim to use PE as a tool to raise behavioural and academic standards through the development of social and thinking skills, including effective collaborative work, leadership and volunteering, organisation, recording, and use of literacy and numeracy skills.

Recent Announcements

  • Gymnastics Children at Clare love gymnastics! Children in Years 2-6 had the opportunity to perform the sequences they had created with a partner to another class. Performers and audiences were all excellent. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Posted 21 Mar 2017, 03:00 by S Spencer
  • Summer term clubs We are delighted to be able to offer football on Mondays after school, Gymnastics on Tuesdays after school, Athletics on Wednesdays before school, Tennis on Wednesdays after school, and Netball with Mr Bareham tbc.
    Posted 21 Mar 2017, 02:58 by S Spencer
  • Dance showcase Thank you to Mrs Lee at Stour Valley for inviting us to the annual dance showcase. Children, teachers and parents had a wonderful time watching the performance, which was outstanding.
    Posted 21 Mar 2017, 02:56 by S Spencer
  • Clare footie team Our Clare footie team have been in winning form again, with a magnificent win against Glemsford (3-0). Mr Woodward and Mr Bareham have praised the team for their positive attitude and team spirit. Well done team!
    Posted 21 Mar 2017, 02:55 by S Spencer
  • Stour Valley dance performance Years 4, 5 and 6 will be walking up to Stour Valley school on the morning of March 15th to watch the annual Dance showcase presented by pupils. I am sure it will be as impressive and inspiring as it was last year. It is lovely to see many of our ex-pupils excelling at Stour Valley, and we look forward to increased collaboration between our two schools.
    Posted 2 Mar 2017, 01:18 by S Spencer
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As a school we receive 'P.E. and Sport Premium Funding'.

Between September 2015 and August 2016 we received £8,671.

This money was spent on a specialist P.E. teacher. This role involves teaching P.E. across the school and working with class teachers to help raise P.E. teaching standards and promote professional development.

In addition to this our specialist P.E. teacher runs lunchtime and after school sport and well being clubs to encourage healthy living. These clubs are provided free of charge,  thanks to the funding.

PE and school sport at Clare CP School



What do our pupils say about PE and school sport?

'What PE have you enjoyed this year?'

'Choosing to do what things you like, like tennis or golf, and gymnastics because they are really fun...athletics, basketball, netball, football, rounders, cricket, Scottish dancing' (Y5)

'Gymnastics 100%, tennis, badminton, running and jumping in athletics and cricket, competition...Race for Life' (Y4)

'Diamond cricket because I can play with my brother now, tennis because you can choose a partner and get a rally going, dancing because you can improve your skills and work with your friends' (Y3)

'Gym, climbing on the apparatus, the vault is the best, tennis because it doesn't take long to set up and you get a long time and now I can go home and play with my dad...racing' (Y2)

'Catching, throwing, running, hurdles, 'stuck in the mud', 'flying sponges', gymnastics, doing lessons with older children' (Y1)

'Why do you think PE is important?'

'You learn more, you get fitter, you get better at stuff...it's something I could have a future from...it keeps me healthy and I enjoy it...I can go to competitions-that's my favourite part of it...it's good exercise for the body and your muscles get stronger without you knowing...if you don't do PE you won't get fit...you can learn new sports and do them when you are grown up...it helps your concentration...I have made progress by cooperating with others and working as a team...it made me confident...if you want to be a professional you learn how to do it properly'

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