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'Living the Olympic and Paralympic values'

posted 7 Jan 2014, 09:58 by S Spencer   [ updated 7 Jan 2014, 09:59 ]
Determination: for showing determination over a period of time.
Inspiration: in getting others involved and showing leadership.
Courage: in trying new and different types of sports and activities, or plucking up courage to join a new club.
Equality: valuing the contributions made by everyone to the overall success of the task.
Respect: for the efforts of team members, class mates or friends.
Excellence: in achieving a target distance or pushing past it to achieve a personal best.
Friendship: for supporting a class or  team mate to keep going or explaining the challenge to a new member of the class.
Stickers, team points and merits are up for grabs for those children 'living the values'.