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Mrs Spencer's top tips for a good race!

posted 30 Sep 2013, 04:54 by S Spencer
1. Don't start too fast! Keep up a steady pace and keep a sprint for the end.
2. Have a good breakfast (porridge, cereal, toast) and a healthy lunch on race day (even better, do that every day)!
3. Sip, don't glug water before the race.
4. Wear comfortable trainers (not brand new ones).
5. Wear tracksuit bottoms and a warm jumper before the race, and warm up well.
6. Be determined. Stay positive. Keep going...'don't look back, leave it all on the track'!
7. If you feel tired, or get a stitch, take your run to a slow jog until you feel better. Then start overtaking!
8. Don't worry if you feel a bit sick or weary or upset at the end of the race. That's normal. You will feel better after a rest and a bite to eat.
Good luck and good running!