The school's catchment area covers Clare, Stoke by Clare , Wixoe, Boyton End and Poslingford. A number of out of catchment families currently attend the school and we welcome such applications, subject to the availability of places. From September 2011, entry into the Reception Class is offered to children in the September following their fourth birthday.
Suffolk County Council is responsible for admissions to the school. Full details of policy and procedures are set out in the Admissions to Schools in Suffolk booklet, which is available from the school office. For further information or to make an application please phone the Admissions Team on: 0345 600 0981.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children attend school regularly, and on time. They must inform the school promptly of the reason for any absence, by phone, letter or visit on the first morning of the absence. We are obliged to record unauthorised absences, which are then reported to the Educational Welfare Officer. School staff or the Educational Welfare Officer can offer assistance to pupils and parents where there are problems of attendance.

Regular attendance is vital to ensure children make good progress and reach their potential. Time off school for family holidays is not a right. It is our policy not to grant leave of absence for a holiday other than in the most exceptional circumstances. If a child has 10 days off school each academic year, they will miss approximately 2 terms of schooling overall. 

Details of what 'Exceptional Circumstances' could mean and information about penalties can be found here.