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School Uniform

The basic school uniform, which is the same for all year groups, consists of a sweatshirt or cardigan in the school colours, a white polo or traditional school shirt, grey trousers or skirt and black shoes (not trainers). Boots may be worn in the winter. Socks or tights should be grey, black or white.
During the summer, grey shorts (not 3/4 length trousers) or a red & white gingham dress may also be worn. If sandals are worn they should preferably have closed toes to reduce the risk of tripping. 'Crocs', 'flip flops', hats, scarves and other accessories may not be worn in school.
With the exception of watches, jewellery is not acceptable for safety reasons. Children with pierced ears may wear very small studs , but these must be removed or covered with tape during P.E. lessons. Make up, including nail varnish, is not allowed.
P.E. kit consists of a pair of shorts, a tee shirt in the child's school team colour and a pair of plimsolls. Tracksuits may be worn for outdoor P.E. only, in the winter months.
School uniform can be ordered from the School Trends website.
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 School Trends.